Partnership Program

Expand Your Service and Increase Your Revenue

As a member of ELCOTRONICS Data Recovery’s partnership program, you can provide your clients with data recovery services without taking on the costs and training necessary for the field. Our reseller program provides many benefits for resellers and data consultants as well as their clients.

Our Partnership Program is ideal for:

  • Computer Resellers/Dealers
  • IT Maintenance companies
  • System Integrators
  • OEMs and organisations.
  • IT Consultants
  • Computer Repair and Support Experts


ELCOTRONICS Offers two partnership Programs:

  • Customer Referral Program

      The Customer Referral Program is designed for organisations to refer their clients who have data recovery needs in return for a generous commission.

      Your customers will receive an outstanding service offered by ELCOTRONICS Data Recovery. This will also increase the value of your own organisation in the eyes of your customer.

      The Customer Referral Partner is free and there are no commitments on your part.

      This is how Customer Referral Program works:

    • Give your Client our details.
    • Ask them to contact us for their data recovery needs. Ensure they mention to us that you referred them.
    • We will help them directly and keep them updated.
    • We will bill your client directly.
    • Once the work is completed we will let you know the result and process a cheque to be sent to you. This is a commission based fee you will earn on each job.
    • This payment will be a percentage of the total invoice amount. We will send you a cheque as soon as the work has been completed and your client has paid.

  • Authorised Reseller Program

      If you wish to keep your own customer support service, the Authorised Reseller Program is the option for you.

      Authorised Reseller Partners receive a generous discount for data recovery services. You remain in charge of your relationship with your customers who require data recovery. We work directly with you to meet their needs while remaining in the background.

      As an Authorised Reseller Partner you can earn thousands working with ELCOTRONICS Data Recovery. There is no commitment and membership is free.

      This is how Authorised Reseller Partner Program works:

    • Send your Clients' disk to us.
    • We will bill you for our services at a discounted rate.
    • You then charge your client your own fee.
    • We will keep YOU updated, you update your client.
    • Increase the value of your own organisation in the eyes of your customer


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